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Street Dance

Street Dance classes in Bolton
Street Dance

Street Dance is a great way to learn to dance, keep fit and enjoy yourself all at the same time! Learn the latest and hottest NEW dance moves as seen in pop videos, in movies and concerts.

Street dance is the fusion of Jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, pop, commercial dance, mixing them together to form fast and funky routines.

Modern Dance

Modern Jazz classes bolton
Modern Jazz

The I.D.T.A Modern Jazz syllabus combines technique, strengthening and rhythmical exercises in a structured way to achieve different feelings and approaches to modern dance.

A wide variety of music including pop, jazz, contemporary and funky are used to help with learning and progression towards exams.

Modern Jazz also improves flexibility and builds stamina. Modern Jazz classes available from age 5 years.

Classical Ballet

Ballet classes in Bolton
Classical Ballet

All pupils of Dance Works are encouraged to take lessons in Ballet as this is the core subject which provides the foundations to all aspects of dance.

We follow the I.D.T.A dance syllabus and our aim is to ensure that each pupil is encouraged to reach their full potential, by building their confidence and technique and working towards and taking examinations.

Every dancer needs great posture, co-ordination and grace.

Ballet classes are available from 2 years.


Zumba classes bolton

The NEW exhilarating experience.

Experience the absolute blast of one exciting hour of calorie burning, body energising and awe inspiring movements!!!

The easy to follow moves create a one of a kind fitness programme that will blow you away!

Working out has never been so much fun! The routines feature interval training sessions while fast and slow rhythm and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat.

Add some Latin flavour and international zest and you've got a Zumba class!

Check out the Dance Works time table for classes available 16+


Cheerleading classes bolton

Cheerleading in Great Britain is exploding!! The development of dance skills, use of exciting music and Pom Pons all combine to make cheerleading one of the most popular classes at Dance Works.

We introduce cheerleading from our youngest age group which is 2.

The children work towards ground bound exams individually and also team Cheerleading awards.

Cheerleading also looks great on stage and always goes down well with audiences at our annual show and charity events.



Salsa is a dance form with origins from Cuba, as the original meeting point of European and African cultures. Its movements originate in Cuban Son, with strong influences from Mambo, Guaguanco, and other Afro-Cuban music.

Salsa is normally a partner dance, although there are recognized solo forms, line dancing (suelta), and Rueda de Casino where groups of couples exchange partners in a circle.

Salsa can be improvised or performed with a set routine.

Salsa is popular throughout Latin America, and also in the United States, Spain, Japan, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Israel and Eastern Europe.

Childrens Parties

Children's Parties

Here at Dance Works we have a range of party plans for your child, a MUST for parents wanting a fantastic party for all to enjoy!!

The party is for two hours and gives the children the opportunity to have some fun and refreshments with their friends.

We can theme your party High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Lazy Town, Princesses, Dance, Cheerleading, and Pop dance are just a few of the themes we offer.

Traditional party games and dances are also another popular choice!!

Contact Laura to discuss your personalised party!



Improvisation, characterisation, working on scripted, monologue, duologue and group pieces are just some of the skills addressed in the drama workshops.

Our teachers aim to bring the best out of everyone working on confidence building skills, stage presentation and speech.

Starting from January Dance works will be offering three LAMDA courses which are open from Primary classes upwards.

LAMDA ACTING (Group Examinations) - LAMDA ACTING will be studied in parallel with the basic drama classes we already study
at Dance works. This class will still involve all elements of Drama including skill based, voice, character, script and devising
however, it will now have the opportunity for pupils to work in groups to use their developed skills in an exam based performance.
Exam will be an optional decision by pupil and parent. Please note some classes may not be entered for exams every exam slot
and groups will only be entered as and when they are ready.

The syllabus for LAMDA ACTING requires pupils to interact as a group and perform scenes from memory whilst using vocal skills
and use the performance space in response to the chosen text. (These scenes may also be used during our shows) pupils will be
graded on 4 learning outcomes which are:


LO1: perform one scene from memory as a group.


LO2: use vocal skills in response to the text
LO3: use the performance space in response to the text.


LO4: interact as a group.

Exams are graded individually as Pass, Merit and Distinction.

LAMDA MUSICAL THEATRE (Group Examinations) - This is a new class offered at Dance works starting January 9th. This class
will consist of pupils studying song and dance numbers from musicals as well as studying scenes taken from musicals. Pupils will
use skills developed from dance lessons, drama lessons and will also have the opportunity to sing in order to sit the exam.

The syllabus requires pupils to perform a scene taken from a musical from memory as well as perform a song and dance from a
musical as a group.  (This work may also be used during ours shows) Pupils will be graded on 7 learning outcomes which are:

LO1: memorise words and music
LO2: make sense of the scene.

LO3: display audibility
LO4: display clarity of diction

LO5: perform a song within a comfortable range and in tune
LO6: display an awareness of the performance space in relation to the song and dialogue.

LO7: work together as a group within the context of the scene.

Exams are graded individually as Pass, Merit and Distinction.

LAMDA SPEAKING VERSE AND PROSE (Solo Examination) - This class has been running at Dance works since September with
pupils ready to take examinations in April. However, this does not mean you cannot join now. Pupils in this class study verses
from book extracts and selected poems provided by the exam board. During this class we discover and explore how to perform
these. We analyse the extracts to ensure we understand its content and are able to answer questions should we need to in the
exam. Pupils work independently, as pairs or as a class working on learning lines, analysing lines and hot seating one another on
the selected piece.

This exam requires pupils to perform two extracts from memory some exams in the higher grades will require pupils to answer
questions about their selected text. Pupils will be graded on the following learning outcomes.


LO1: perform two verse selections from memory, demonstrating an understanding of the material.


LO2: use vocal skills to engage the listener.


LO3: know the meaning and general content of the two selections.

Please note there are a number of different LAMDA courses and examinations to follow, in which Danceworks will do their best to
rotate examinations. For example if pupils are studying ACTING and sit their exam for this then the following term they may
study DEVISING or CHORAL SPEAKING before moving onto the grade. This again will be discussed with pupils and parents nearer
the time.